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My Media Fast

Last Sunday I took a media fast challenge given to me by my church leaders. It was the second time I've participated in a media fast and the outcome had different results than the first time I embarked on this journey. I was anticipating it'd be easy, because it didn't seem to hard the first time. However, I found it was a bit more of a challenge. Why? Because so many things happened and I wanted to share but I didn't have a platform to share on. THIS was enlightening.

Life moved forward, the world kept spinning, dinners were still eaten, funny things said, and day passed into night even though I didn't announce it to the world. HOW CAN THAT BE?! If you have a good meal, you need to share! When your child does something funny, EVERYONE needs to know? Am I right?!

Reality is, no! My dog still had surgery and I still had to carry him to the bathroom even if the world had no idea. We still ate some amazing dinners that looked fantastic and tasted even better, even though it wasn't documented for the whole world. My son hit several milestones, my husband built stuff, family visited, disputes over frivolous things were resolved. All without having to announce it to everyone. In fact, I was a better wife, mother, daughter, care-taker, grandmother, etc. because I was less focused on what I could share and more focused on LIVING IN THE MOMENT! I've discovered, I like living in the moment. While others were taking pictures, posting posts, and analyzing results, I was looking up and enjoying my life.

Now that this media fast is almost complete, I have a few things I want to personally take away from this experience.

1) Social media has it's time and place.

2) I don't need to broadcast my entire life for everyone to see in order to be happy.

3) Living in the moment means I get to pick and choose the important things I want to share with others, the rest I get to keep for me.

4) Living in the moment is really the best way to live.

I know there are many changes I will make in the future, once I'm back to my social media platforms again. Those changes are personal to me and changes I know will make me a better person, mother, writer, and friend. I'm so looking forward to the "new social media me".

With Love,

Author M.M. Roethig

(Don't you worry! I have another post coming with highlights from this last week.)

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