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It's Been FOREVER!

Hello all my friends! I can't believe I let another five months slip by without making a blog post of some sort. My life has been 'nuts-o' and here's what I've been up to over these last few months.

In July of last year my grandson was born and it's been a wild a crazy ride with him in our home. We love having him here to brighten our days and bring laughter that only a baby can bring into our lives. He is a lot of work, he keeps his mother on her toes, and we've learned just how "baby proof" our house really isn't, but he's a joy to have.

In November over the Thanksgiving weekend my sweetheart took our cute little family to Hawaii, some place we've been trying to get to for over five years. It was an amazing vacation and we had the best time. We spent our time in Maui, even running into celebrities such as Steven Tylor, (pictured in the last two pictures). I snorkeled! For those that know me, that is huge! We ate at fabulous restaurants, drove the Road to Hanna, flew to Honolulu to visit Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Center, and watched Moana next to the Dole Plantation. It was incredible and my son has vowed to return to Hawaii to live, hoping he'd be stationed there after joining the military. At least the child has goals!

After our fabulous vacation, we spent the holiday's as a family before ringing in the new year in our own boring way. Movies and early bed for us!

2017 has proven to be just as busy and crazy as 2016 was. One of the biggest changes is, my mother is now living with me as she works on getting healthy. It isn't a permanent thing, my mother is too young and spry to be shackled with me the rest of her life, but she definitely needed a break to get healthy. As she was moving from one state to another, she stopped over in Colorado to visit as she was passing through and ended up staying. It was determined she had a rare auto-immune marker in her spinal tap test and the words, Mayo Clinic, were said often. Thankfully, after several months of testing, poking, prodding, and countless trips to the doctors, she is starting to feel better and on the road to recovery. With one surgery in the future to fix her shoulder, she's finally starting to mend and can think about what direction she'd like to head once she is cleared by the doctors to do so. It's been a crazy four months but I have to admit I'm grateful for the time I have with my mom here. She's a funny, witty, feisty lady and puts up with my garbage. (Yes, feisty means she's feeling like her normal self!)

With all of that said, and all excuses aside, I've realized how I need to make time to write every day no matter how crazy my life becomes. If I wait for the perfect time, I will never get anything written. It's been FOREVER since I've sat down at the keyboard to write and that just can't happen. A week ago I had a sweet young woman ask me if she could buy the third book in my Elemental Series because she couldn't find it anywhere and she was dying to read it. I was so flattered and so ashamed that its been this long and I still don't have it completed. When I explained it wasn't written yet, she simply said, "Well, you should write it. I need to read it, you should write it." I have officially been reminded that I SHOULD WRITE! I NEED TO WRITE!!

With that fresh on my mind, I took time last night to write and the words just flew from my brain. It was amazing and I've missed my time at the keyboard with my imaginary friends to keep me company. With fresh determination, I'm setting out to make new goals and create the stories that have been dancing around in my head begging to be released. 2017 is going to be my year!

Keep your goals in sight and never give up!

With Love,

M.M. Roethig

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