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I've moved!!!

Welcome to my new website! I've purchased my own domain and launched my new site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoed putting it together.

To help celebrate, I've having a special on some of my instock paperbacks. For a limited time you can purchase some of my paperbacks at a discounted price.

I have four copies of Dangerous Obsession with minor clerical errors that I'm selling for $10.00 each. Each purchase includes personalized autograph, signed bookmark, and shipping inside the USA. (Outside the US there is a charge of $3.00 for extra shipping). These are minor errors that do not detract from the story in any way.

I also have five bundles of Beginnings and Raine, my YA fantasy fiction. Beginnings is an anthology which includes Elemental Princess in print. I'm selling them as a bundle for $13.00, which includes both paperbacks signed and personalized, and signed bookmarks. Shipping is included in the USA, outside the USA is a$3.00 charge.)

I'm also in the works of revamping my Raine cover and my first edition books are being sold for $10.00 each. This also includes personalized autograph and signed bookmarks. Shipping is included in the USA with a $3.00 charge for all shipping international.

Thank you for stopping by and helping me celebrate my new website with these fun specials for you!

Happy Monday and Read On!!

M.M. Roethig

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