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I am a 'happily-ever-after' author who swoons for a great romance. Reading is my escape, but writing is my passion and I love to share with others the stories in my head. 

I've lived on the Front Range of Colorado for five years now and grow more in love with the area as time passes. Surrounded by mountains, open spaces, and never lacking for activities to do, it's easy to love this beautiful state. 


I am a wife to a supportive, dreamy husband who works hard to allow me a chance to pursue my passion of writing. I'm the mother of three, and grandmother of one. I love my children dearly and I'm extremely proud of all they've done, but nothing beats being a grandmother! 

My other interests/loves/hobbies include baking, photography, movies, dancing, cheering on the Colorado Rockies, and spending as much time with loved ones as possible. Every day is precious and life is short, do what makes you happy with those that make you better. 


Author M.M. Roethig


M.M. Roethig's debut novel, Raine, was published in Nov 2014 following a five year process of writing and re-writing until it was perfect. Her other works include various short stories written for writing competitions and writing prompts, some of which have been published in anthologies in 2014.

*Reflections: Meredith loves her nightly bedtime stories. As Parker reminisces the moments that brought Taelynn into his life, he fears for the cancer that threatens to tear them apart.

*Perfect Proposal: published in Summer Dreams Anthology; Anne is looking forward to a wonderful night with Jason, but simple misunderstanding might tear their world apart. 

*Elemental Princess: Published in Beginnings Anthology; Kaesen, an elemental princess, lives on a distant star called Maia. She loves Alwen, but as her sworn protector they're forbidden to be together. Promised to a cruel man, Kaesen will do whatever is necessary to change the stars and be allowed to love her Alwen.

*Raine, an Elemental Series Book 2: Raine is an Elemental and completely unaware of the power she holds. Content to remain invisible her senior year of high school, Raine's world is turned upside down when she meets Kaden. Their meeting was not by chance, he's been hunting her kind for years, but he finds himself unprepared for the emotion he feels toward her. When she becomes the target of a mad man, she must rely on Kaden to survive, but can she trust him after finding the truth of who he is?

*Dangerous Obsession: Chloe, a dancer for a prestigious NBA team, is in the spotlight, she's also the target of a stalker. Eric is a cynical Marine nursing his wounds and hardening his heart. When the two are thrown together, sparks fly, danger abounds, and new lives are changed.

Fun Facts: 

Favorite color? Red or Pink
Favorite flower? Yellow Roses w/ Pink tips.
Your favorite pizza toppings? Cheese
Favorite Ice cream flavor? Vanilla, although I've enjoyed HaagenDazs Salted Caramel Cone 
Favorite subject(s) in school? Special Study Hall, i.e. Dance Team 
Favorite candy? Kazoozles or BottleCaps
Favorite season? Fall
Favorite fast food restaurant? I have so many. Fuzzy's, Torchy's Tacos, Zoe's Kitchen...
Chocolate or Vanilla? Both!
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Pepsi with lime. Make it dirty with coconut.;)
What do you want to do when you are sick? Watch Twilight, read, catch up Discovery ID!  
What country would you most like to visit? Italy, Ireland, and/or Germany
How many pillows do you sleep with? 2

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